Feb 11
Jan 30
Jan 30

How to Launch Amazon Lightsail Server

Amazon Lightsail is a low cost VPS(virtual private server) service launched by Amazon Web Services(AWS). Launching an instance become very easy for non-technical people. With Lightsail you can launch a virtual machine preconfigured with SSD-based storage, DNS management, and a static IP address with a few simple clicks. Step 1:... read more →
Aug 02

How to launch EC2 instance in AWS

Amazon EC2 is a Elastic Compute Cloud Instance service provide you the complete freedom to create a virtual machine/instance as per your requirement's with the least minimum time. One of the best thing about AWS is that you have to only pay for what you use thus it reduces your... read more →
Jul 11

Future is Serverless

Days are gone when you have to keep some server running for your cloud computation needs, this works good when you have millions of request daily and you your server capable of handling those request. Now you can deploy your application as independent functions on AWS lamda service which will... read more →